RTW 2017

Happy 16th

G Suite for Education Training

Documenting Student Learning with New Google Sites - Sessions B6 & E7

Presenter: Phil Taylor - Google for Education Certified Trainer / Google Certified Educator, St. John's - Ravenscourt School

New Google Sites now delivers the simplest way to display Google Drive files, YouTube videos, calendars, images, and maps on the web. Every page is now an easy-to-read clean design, that is automatically formatted for display on a desktop, tablet, or phone. The elements of every site work together, thanks to themes, fonts, and color choices that help you create a coherent design. Students can now focus on creating the content of their site to document their learning.

Students and teachers can also work collaboratively in real time to create project sites, learning portfolios, etc., to create and showcase their learning.

This session will focus on the creation of a site, along with a conversation about the many possibilities this modernized version of Google Sites adds to your digital tool kit.

Session Prerequisites:

  • Active G Suite for Education or G Mail account

  • Familiarity with Google apps such as: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

  • BYOD - Laptop. Sorry, Google Sites cannot be created on mobile browsers

  • Chrome Browser highly recommended

Target Audience: Teachers

Session Resources:

  • Session Google Classroom - Class Code: hzz28w {will only work with a regular gmail account - chances are you division administrator has not opened up Classroom use to users outside your domain}

  • New Google Site (say that three times fast) Session Resource Site for RTW