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As a Google Certified Educator and Google Certified Trainer, I will be able to provide you or your school hands-on and virtual workshops using the free for education “cloud-based”, Google Workspace for Education platform. This powerful suite of collaborative tools can amplify your students' connections with other learners in the classroom, and around the world.

Please contact me to learn about strategies to best integrate these tools into your teaching practice.


Phil Taylor

2021 Conferences, Workshops & Virtual PD Sessions

Seven Oaks School Division

January 6 , 2021

Seven Oaks Teacher Workshop - Intro to Google Workspace for Education

Intended audience: Educators new to Google Tools For Education and/or for those wanting to develop their edtech skills. This workshop is beneficial for the novice to the intermediate user. Phil will share many of his favourite practical tips and tricks found in G Suite for Education. Participants will have opportunities to try some of tools during the session. This workshop will get you started on your journey of becoming a Certified Google for Education Educator. Phil discusses how to get started on your Level I Certification and how to make use of the training resources. These resources are a good fit for the educator who would like to learn more about integration of technology in their classroom.

BYTE Conference 2021

February 18 | On-line

Title of Session: Google Sites - Documenting Student Learning

Session Description: New Google Sites now delivers the simplest way to display Google Drive files, YouTube videos, calendars, images, and maps on the web. Every page is now an easy-to-read clean design, that is automatically formatted for display on a desktop, tablet, or phone. The elements of every site work together, thanks to themes, fonts, and color choices that help you create a coherent design. Students can now focus on creating the content of their site to document their learning.

Students and teachers can also work collaboratively in real time to create project sites, learning portfolios, etc., to create and showcase their learning.

This session will focus on the creation of a site, along with a conversation about the many possibilities Google Sites adds to your digital tool kit.

Target Audience: K-12, Administration

Prerequisites (if any): Familiarity with Google apps such as: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides. Active Google Workspace for Education or G Mail account

Google for Education Certified Trainer - Phil Taylor

If you're an educator who knows how to use Google tools in the classroom, certification proves your proficiency. Find out what it takes to get certified and improve your educational technology pedagogy skills.